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If you are a homeowner living in the Kansas City area, you’ve likely experienced what a storm can do firsthand. But, when it comes to filing an insurance claim to repair your damaged roof, your insurance company probably doesn’t have your best interests at heart. That’s where we come in. At Priority Roofing and Construction, LLC, we act as an ally for homeowners in Greater Kansas City, helping them make their case with their insurance company so they can repair their damaged roof. For all storm damage repairs in Kansas City, MO, work with our team.

The Solution to Storm Damaged Roofs

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Because each homeowner’s policies and circumstances vary, every claim filed with an insurance company is unique. Moreover, your insurance company has a limited period for which they are liable for damages from a storm. Most homeowners’ insurance policies typically cover roof repairs and replacements.

However, there are specific steps that our trained representatives will take during a roof inspection even to pinpoint commonly overlooked damages that your insurance company can and will help you through. For example, the damage caused by a hail storm takes a trained eye to find.

Factors that determine the extent of damage include:

  • The slope or angle of the roof
  • The size, direction, force, and shape of the hail
  • The manufacturer of the shingle
  • The type of shingle
  • The age and previous condition of the shingle.

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For storm damage repairs in Kansas City, MO, choose none other than our experts at Priority Roofing and Construction, LLC. We’ll assist you in filing an insurance claim to get your roof repaired or replaced. Call us now at (816) 880-3908, so we can get started helping you navigate the insurance maze.

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If you are a homeowner living in the Kansas City area, you’ve likely experienced what a storm can do firsthand.

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